I had a weekend, but more importantly the Steelers had a win. We are no longer a wild-card team, but a full-fledged playoff contender. Yeah, Indy is going to be a tough game - probably the toughest team left alive right now, and one of the few (only?) teams to beat us really soundly this year. So it will be tough.

I'm watching this special on PBS called Country Boys. Its a David Sutherland piece and it is a depressing show, I'll say that much. I mean these kids in rural Kentucky have it rough. And my big problem is that I can't figure out how to budget a 2-week sailing trip to Belize.

Its not that I'm a communist. I certainly don't feel guilty about the nice things I have. I'm doing ok and that's fine - I fully intend to keep doing well and if I'm blessed I'll do better. Pay the bills, get a house, go on vacations, do the stuff people do. Drink the liquor off the higher shelf and buy the quilted paper towels. But the more I make the more I hope to be able to do for those who have not.

And its not because I'm a good person, either. I don't feel like I need to give to get into heaven, or feel good about myself, or because I want other people to think I'm great. I just do not understand how people can see other humans living in such incredible need and not respond to it. Especially considering the resources we have. It boils down to this: we bring nothing into this world and we're not taking anything with us when we leave.

Kid just asked out this girl and she turned him down. This kid has a drunk for a dad, he gets a social security check at 16 years old, and he's failing high school. And now he gets turned down for a date. I guess there's some problems that you just can't give enough to help out with.

Freakin depressing show. I hate watching television.

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