Ooooo K... the holiday break is officially over and we are back to normal blogging schedule, which, if you're not aware, is usually Mon-Fri, Lord willin and the creek don't rise.

This is a non-normal Tuesday post because I just don't have it in me this week - which I realize is not a good thing. 2006 is off to a slow start, coming off a slow finish in 05, on the Tuesday front, and that area of my life in general. I need to take some serious time to sit and think this whole situation through and make some changes. You've done well if you're still with me on this...

As of tonight, the Mustard Seed School Rebels are 0-1 in their first season under coaches Kinder and Knowles (assistant coach). We stayed in it through the first half but they pulled away slowly in the second as it was clear they had a deeper bench than we did - not to mention that one of our key starters fouled out in the 4th.

I'm back at Macy's and unable to get net access during the day, which continues to be a painful experience. I need to struggle through to at least mid-February at this point.

Long story short I had a very good New Years weekend. Margy was in town with her buddy Mike, who is a cool dude for partying as late as he did with us (we didn't get home til well after 6am).

That's all for now. Tonight I have lots of other stuff to write, namely a couple articles that I'm working on - one I'm not really sure where I'd submit it, and one that I'm working with the guys at Thrillist on.

Happy Belated New Years, all.

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