The week between the conference champion- ships and the big game. The first foretaste of the next many months that will painfully football-less. I don't know if the fact that my team is in the superbowl makes the weekend more or less stressful.

Friday was the relatively new routine - work, basketball practice with the punk kids, gym, crash. Saturday I watched more of the first season of the Sopranos (March 12th is approaching swiftly) while getting the laundry done and cleaning the room and whatnot. More gym, then poker that evening at Ko's - Matt, Rob, Ko, and myself.

Crap cards. Gave away my first buy in by folding the blinds on all but ONE hand. One. And I split that pot on a straight. Bought in again and kept the second buy in when I finally caught a hand or two playing straight up against Matt.

Sunday was ushering with the kids - Jared got there early again and gave out a bunch of evening service programs - so when church started 100 or so people didn't have the right programs. Other than that things went fine, then we caught a Chinese buffet with the high schoolers - got some more fresh blood - its really encouraging to see how the group is growing over the past couple years.


Would you have one person killed if it meant saving 100? What if it meant saving 50? 10? What if killing one person would save 2?

I honestly don't know what the right answer is. But its a fascinating question. There are plenty of great illustrations, many in the cinema. Master and Commander comes to mind. Flight 93 - a real-life illustration.

Reading things like this and especially this have had me thinking about this in new ways lately.

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