Another Friday no-post. Bush-league. 2 in a row...sad.

Eh its this new party lifestyle I've picked up - its no good. Especially considering that I have to coach early Friday evening before I run home to shower, change, and head out - makes for a big night at the end of the long week. I need to go back to my normal Friday crash, and just stick with the Saturday night insanity.

Saturday was work, nap, then over to Ko's to watch the games and play poker. Ko, Moody, Keller, Buller, Keegs, and myself. I cleaned up pretty good til it was just me and Keller, then he started slowly taking all my chips. I quit while I was still up, but I had been a lot more up. Sunday was the Christmas service, then the Jr. High X-mas party (I did carols on the guitar), then out to Chevy's and a Narnia showing with the Sr. Highers. Worked all evening.

I'm on a project at work, again. Still Business Development, still not chargeable. And...its in the building I left last March with no desire to ever return. That's right - I'm back at Macy's. I feel like the traded player walking back into his ex-home-stadium, with a slight chip on his shoulder to show up the old team with a record-breaking performance.

It is weird.

But not all bad - I'm not on the shoddy floors I used to be on with the merchants - instead I'm in the plush exec offices working with the directors of marketing. At this point I can't really get into what I'm doing with them, at least not in this venue. Suffice to say I'll be there through Feb at this point, and we're hoping it turns into chargeable work at some point.

What else. Oh, I'm going to the championship game in my fantasy football pool. More word later in the week on what team I'll be starting exactly, but the guy I'm going up against has LT...so that will be interesting - especially since I'm hurting at RB right now.

Oh and a big "hi" to new reader Mrs. Gasiewicz - glad you found a Knowles out on the net. Oh...and to all my visitors from Gridskipper - who linked to lil' ol' me today.

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