My initial impression from the bits of news I've caught so far today - the Air Marshals completed their jobs with precision and professionalism. Its a shame some one had to die. But before you say they shouldn't have killed the man, put yourself on that plane and watch a man running by you with a bag screaming that he has a bomb. And as far as shooting to disable - Air Marshals do not have that luxury, based on the environment they have the duty to protect, and therefore are never trained to do so in the first place. That means they shot him in the head, although they won't tell you that on the news.


Ever wonder if Ebert gets paid off? I do. Point of fact I wonder if old Siskel found out that his "friend" Roger was lining his pockets behind the scenes, and threatened to rat the pudgy scum-bag out. But Roger, being the evil one, knew just what to do - all it took was one quick phone call to the powers that be in Hollywood, and Siskel got the big thumbs down, if you know what I mean...

So, yeah...I need to update my sidebar with like the *year* of movies I've netflixed. Not to mention the fact that A Very Special Christmas has topped the music list long enough to be seasonal again. I feel like one of those trailer park folk that never bother to take the lights down. Shame.

Iiiiiiiiin the meantime, I've been to the theater a few times lately.

Aeon Flux - Could a movie with my beloved Char be bad? No. But the plot development could be a little weak. This is clearly the type of movie that you already have to have some affinity for the subject matter or at the very least genre to safely assume you'll appreciate it. Yes, I appreciated (yes, I am a tool).

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - Is it just me or do these Harry Potter movies keep getting successively more and more fantastic? If they make the next one in similar fashion, they'll have to hand out chin-straps at the door to keep people's jaws from dropping any further. I'm talking strictly visuals, by the way. The story is basically the same every time. Big problem, how will Harry save the day, gets some help from his friends, and aren't we glad everything is OK. Oh and dark days lie ahead, Harry.

Jarhead - already talked about this one, but it was pretty good. About what I expected. Jamie Foxx's character could have been better developed.

A History of Violence - no surprise, there was some pretty violent violence in this movie. Some other gratuity as well, if you will, but on a whole, quite a movie. Felt long, but still pretty intriguing.

I know there's some others I've been to but I can't think of any more at the moment. I'm too excited about Narnia.

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