Weak links. Weak in nature and number. What did you expect? I'm having trouble even getting a post up these last few days, let alone finding time to surf.

I might mention I've been suffering from the very real effects of Acute Internet Withdrawal Syndrome (AIWS). Its painful and debilitating. I can practically hear the net moving on without me. I can't take 8 weeks back in that ugly building without a connection of some sort. I have to figure something out. The situation has grown dire.

What do you care...you're here to get your links.

Cool Firefox Extension for bloggers.

World RPS Society - didn't make the championships this fall, but I'm going to try my darndest to get there next year.

One of the guys who started the internet has started a blog.

Ebert picks the top 10 movies of the year. I liked Crash and really want to see both Syriana and Munich...but how do you leave out Narnia? Especially when you put King Kong in...

Engadget gives a cool how-to on streaming almost anything via VLC.

Google news of the week is...interesting. Oh and the Google link of the week is the release of the 2005 Zeitgeist - these things just keep getting better and better.

How much do I love the internet? Well, its a wonderful internet (be sure to click all over the pictures and use the sliders to get the full effect).

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