Video link: the voice-over guys.

Although this has to be fake, its almost scary that someone would write it that seriously.

18 tips to teach your body. In all my years of running I never heard the one about exhaling on the left step. And it works!

Great writing style on the anger of NYC.

PC World's 100 Best Products of 2005. 1 and 2 are right on.

PBS has been airing pre-taped concerts from The Celtic Woman (really women). The music is incredible, and they're in NYC in March, but the tickets are mad spendy. Early birthday / late Christmas present, anyone?

Speaking of FireFox, Google is now actually paying people to get their friends and whomever else they can to convert to FireFox - $1 per person. Think its a joke? Its not. (Button should appear on my blog by tomorrow)

Today I was trying to find out if that rumor I've heard about Hoboken having more bars per capita than any other US city is true or not. I haven't found conclusive proof either way yet. But Hoboken's Wiki is pretty interesting nonetheless.

OpenStreetMap looks like kinda a mash-up of Google Maps and Wikipedia. Cool.

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