Saturday came and we got on the road a few hours late, so GCC was out of the question. We rolled into Margy's place at about 9pm, where her quasi-Christmas party was getting started. I call it quasi because the plan was for everyone to head out to various drinking establishments later that evening. Dave, Margy, I and a few others ended up at what is probably one of the nicest places in Pittsburgh, which was pretty average by NYC standards. All in all it fit the bill, we drank and danced the night away.

Sunday Dave and I met James and Beth for breakfast, then headed for the game. Pre- gamed it up, caught kick-off, and proceeded to enjoy an awesome game. I played the Bus this week in my fantasy pool and he went in for a touch T.W.I.C.E. Thanks to that, I'll make the playoffs in the 4th spot in my fantasy pool, so there's still a shot at decent money. By the third quarter the snow was dumping hard-core, and anything that wasn't covered by a thick layer of waterproof down-insulation was quickly very cold, and very wet. But it was an awesome game. Did I mention that?

Back to Margy's place to thaw out, then we took her to dinner at one of Shady Side's finer establishments. Its weird to go to one of the nicest places in one of the nicest neighborhoods, and still not spend very much money. If only I could break free of the city and move to suburbia. Anyway she took off to study for a final, and we hung for a while. My buddy Seth showed up and we caught up for a while.

Crashed that night at Margy's then D and I got on the road this morning. Man, there was a lot of snow there this weekend. Caught a flat about 120 miles outside of the city, but that was kind of fun. Dave dropped me off in the city for a check-up at my derma. I might mention that she's done quite an incredible job at helping me with my recurring winter condition. Still waiting for her to deliver on her talk about introducing me to Miss USA.

Headed home, unpacked...and now I'm just plain tired.

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Anonymous said...

So you guys where sitting there watching the game while getting snowed on?! That's dedication!

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