So now I'm a basketball coach. Well, assistant coach. Kinder talked me into whipping this group of kids into shape, and man...are we starting practice way too close to our first game. Anyway, should be good times.

Before that I saw Narnia this afternoon. The. Hotness.

I see a fair number of movies in the theater, but there's only been a very few that I needed to see a second time in the theater - Saving Private Ryan, the Matrix, CTHD, LOTR, that's really about it. This is now one of those movies.

Dave and I are getting in the car tomorrow and heading for Pittsburgh. We're stopping in the Grove to visit my brother Jonny for dinner, then down to Margy's place in the city. Plan is to head out on the city with lots of her young single friends. Going there is always fun because you can party like a rock-star and its still cheaper than partying like a loser in NYC.

Sunday is the Bears @ the Steelers, and we are sitting first level. Who knows what after that...then Monday the long drive back. Talk at you then.

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