So...what's new on the net this week...

My homeboy Garland recently had an article about his fight with cancer published on Relevant.

The end of paying for directory assistance?

Google Video can help you do useful things, like watching a couple hours of ping pong practice.

Google Music Search (slightly more useful).

I Will Knot! (via Lifehacker)

When will you be debt free? I didn't have to use the tool - the answer is "not soon."

I've started listening to Air Traffic Control live feeds - namely JFK approach - pretty cool.

RandomProxy! would be cool if it worked.

JibJab on Jay Leno tonight - big break for them. (via CNET News - notice the actual address when you get there, which also points out that Wikipedia is as accurate as Britannica)

I've contributed to Metafilter a couple more times recently, with relatively more success than the first time.

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Kelly said...

That live air traffic feed, coupled with this: http://www4.passur.com/jfk.html
is neat.