It finally got here. Crept up on me in the dark this year, can't remember it doing that in a long time. I'm getting old. I was asleep when it arrived. But it was a great surprise to wake up to on Sunday morning. And we're getting a few more inches tonight, and I seem to be the only person I've talked to that is disappointed that it will only be a few inches. People are weird.

No Friday post. Shameful. Not even a late Saturday post, or a make up Sunday post. Nothing. Nada. And there won't be much tonight, either. I've actually got a new writing endeavor to embark on that I've been needing to do for a long time, and am finally getting around to kicking off tonight. So that's going to take a while to set up and get started. And it makes me feel not so bad about Friday

Weekend recappery follows, skip this paragraph to avoid the drivel of my Fri-Sun life. Friday was spent in the office, got the flu shot, met Cregan for our new lesson-prep hour on Friday evening, headed to C&M's place and put Titus down while they went out to dinner with a friend. Had to turn down the masses desiring my presence in the city that evening and instead saw the late show of Aeon Flux with Dave. Saturday was cleaning and loosely watching some of the games. That night was dinner in the city then back to the boken for Cregan and Mindi's annual party. Earlier than normal this year as M is large with child, due on the 20th. Crowd was slightly more sparse than usual, but still a great time, port tasting and all. Sunday was morning service, high school group, and a stop on the UWS to help Sonja get a massive tree into her place. Spent the evening folding laundry and hating folding laundry.

This week is some local-market-lead development work out of the New York office (I've been having to head in to the main office, which is a pain, compared to the laid-back -style of the West Village Avanade office). And on the side I'll be continuing the push to get placed with Home Depot, which we just sold in Atlanta. That's about the perfect commute for me, if I have to travel - not to far, and to a destination that's not likely to see a lot of crippling winter storms.

With the arrival of snow comes my annual NEED for getting on a mountain. This year the snow is still pretty light in the north-east, so its likely another season started during my Christmas trip home, which is fine. I like starting my year back on my mountains. But its going to be a long three weeks.

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