Its like almost 2am. I just got home. And I left the bar/ lounge/ whatever it was EARLY. So its quality over quantity this week when it comes to links. Ok well...better put, its just not quantity this week. I haven't had time to surf, so you just deal with what you get, ok?

As a man who would go to fairly great lengths for cheese, I can't really frown on this.

Pirates rule.

This is pretty cool, if you're a total nerd, like me. Er...I mean...not me.

Ok so watching a few minutes of Mario re-enactment isn't your thing. Well I've got just what the doctor ordered, in that case: an hour and fifty minutes of ping pong.

This person apparently feels the same way about dolphins as I do about squirrels. (language warning)

Serious link of the week. My buddy Dave's mom was on Nightline last night (Dave's dad is the pastor of our church), talking about Narnia. She used to correspond with C.S. Lewis back when he was alive - yes, she is the coolest older lady I know (after my mom, of course). See clips here.

That's all. Come back tomorrow if you want more. Maybe there will be some, who knows.

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