Oh yeah...I guess I haven't mentioned it, but I'm flying home to Cali for a few days... actually I'm sitting in JFK right now - flight was delayed about an hour. So instead of getting into Sacto with a full 15 minutes of Christmas Eve left, I get in with an hour of Christmas day already burned. So...yeah.

Thankfully it looks like they got Slogger working for the new Firefox 1.5, so I can catch up on a bunch of my online reading I've been meaning to do. In the meantime I'm just sitting here surfing / people watching / actively listening for flight announcements / making new friends. Liz is from near Sundance in Utah and is going home for the holidays. We had a nice conversation after she came over to plug her cell phone in the same outlet I'm using to keep the puter going. Its the only one I was able to find in this terminal, and its not that close to my gate, so I need to disconnect now and go see what's going on at this point - they've been quiet for a while.

So I'll be back next Thursday morning (unless you are a robber, reading this, in which case I am home right now cleaning my gun collection). Still not sure if the sis is staying with me for New Years but I guess I'll figure that out this week. No idea about New Years plans yet - kind of procrastinating that til the extremely last minute.

A Merry Christmas to you all and I'll blog next week as available.

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