There's a dilemma I'm reaching with this blog, that being whether or not to post for the sake of consistency, or to post only when I have enough fodder to construct something worth reading. Lately I've found that I've got little or nothing to hammer out...

You can probably guess by this point what kind of night tonight is. (Hint: its just like last night)

I think I need to find more time to write during the day. In the past I've enjoyed writing at night, but I've made some pretty significant changes lately and my body clock is struggling to catch up. For one, I'm sleeping a bit more, thanks to the cold (weather, not health condition). I'm putting a lot into my days lately too - not pacing myself energy-wise as I have in the past, and I find that by late evening / early morning, while I'm not quite ready to hit the sack, I'm also in no state to string together coherent thoughts. At least not through the keyboard.

One of my goals for the upcoming weeks off is to actually move the sleep pattern forward at least an hour or two. I need to figure out how to fall asleep consistently in the PM, but I'm skeptical as to whether or not I can actually make it happen. Its worth a shot, though - hopefully this will give me some extra early morning time, which I've been bad about securing lately.

The goals list for the week off will be assembled by end of day on Friday. These last two days at work look to be just as packed as the last two weeks have been, but I never expected otherwise. Things have been moving along rather smoothly, considering. I suppose I never formally mentioned it here, but I suppose its safe to at least start mentioning it: I resigned the Friday before last, which makes this Friday the last day that I ever have to set foot in this hideous building ever again. If there's one thing some cursory dabbling in architecture has taught me, its an acute ability to see and not appreciate the worst malfeasences conducted in the name of infrastructure.

What follows is two weeks off. The first will be spent here in town, running, cleaning, reading, museuming / touring, new-food-hunting, beginning design on the new site, and putting the camera to good use. There's probably going to be a few other things, which I'll mention later should I think of it (I'm thinking about heading to FL for a couple rounds of golf, but I kind of doubt it). Also, I'm going to have a nice cigar.

The second will be my life-long-awaited trip to Whistler. Its a lot later in the season than I would have hoped for on my first trip, but they got some fresh as early as last week (the picture above was from 4 days ago, when it was still deep enough for post-holing). Base is holding at a reasonable 53" and it looks like they could get hit twice more before I show up. Hopefully temps stay low enough. I won't be packing skins or shovel, as I don't expect anything worth hiking for, but I may end up going tele for a couple days just to see the newly opened manual-access bowls. I have a feeling I'll spend a majority of my time working on my pipe skills, however. But I'll be there, and that's what counts.

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