Go STILLERS. Headed over to Dave's to watch the game tonight as he's been quasi-laid- up with the knee surgery he had last week. Big Ben connected with Heath "Bar" Miller (yes, I made that up myself) for not one but TWO TD's - and Steeltown won on a last-minutes drive to score a field goal that put them ahead with too little time for the Ravens to respond. BJ showed up in the 4th quarter, haven't seen him since Danielle's wedding (when, ironically, Dave and I were watching a Steelers game together), so that was cool. Kind of weird to be watching a 'burgh game with the pastor of my church. But it was a good time. Dave and I are talking about driving down for a home game in late November or early December, which should be fun.

Got murdered in my fantasy league this week, so that was fun. Way to go, Eagles. Sunday was one of the 5 "fifth Sundays" - church operates on the standard accounting calendar, and so every other month or so, there are 5 Sundays in the month. The youth group volunteers to usher for those Sundays. I'm the captain of that whole shenanigan, and I must say these kids have it down to a science. My job is to keep them quiet during the sermon, basically, because they're standing around in the lobby with nothing to do. So, we did that...and also, I might mention there was a presentation during the service of the check that the youth group was able to donate to the vision campaign, thanks to some fund-raiser work we've done. Over 2 grand, not to shabby for a bunch of punk kids. And, as you've already noticed, the camera made it out for a rare appearance. That's the Publisher's Clearinghouse-sized check there in the background on stage. No great pictures were taken, but I like this one because it gets the stage and the check, some of the congregation, and a couple of our girls ushering, all in one shot.

After ushering we finished up our final lesson on the Spiritual Discipline of giving, around a large table at Dallas BBQ. I think their food is crap. Came back to the 'boken, watched the Gint's throw a shut-out, went back in for evening service - great sermon on culture - I plan to type up the notes this week (also in the irony category - one year ago today I was talking about typing up sermon notes, among other things).

Before that was Saturday, which was mainly college ball, laundry, and queso. I wasn't feeling well so I spent the day with the couch.

This week is more work, as ever - I'll try to update the blog with the projects I've been chasing lately, none of which I've landed yet. I'm way behind on a ton of reading I need to knock down as well so that effort begins in large part tomorrow.

Oh, and happy November. Where did this year go?

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