The big news today, of course, is Google Print going live (ie. no longer beta). Times article here. Over 10,000 books scanned and counting, from Harvard to the New York Public Library, to Oxford Uni...and its only just begun.

Also in the news is Netflix's settlement with some dude named Chavez. I'm sending in a letter to opt out. I'm opting out, as should you, if you're a Netflix member. Why? Because if at least 5% of Netflix's customers don't opt out, prices are bound to go up.

Define irony.

What to get for the person who has everything this holiday season? An underground city in England.

Semapedia - The Physical Wikipedia...looks interesting.

Abortion in America
. Sad, shocking, good to know and understand.

MSNBC is airing the nightly news online now. Another big step in the eventual total fusion of television/cinema with the internet.

CostumeCritic - just in time for Halloween next year.

Angry While Drinking is the next Crying While Eating. Classic.

The Google Face Game

Random Chuck Norris Fact: Top Thirty Facts (language warning and severe hilarity warning)

Speed Typing Test - how fast are you?

World's Greatest Art Thefts

Remember a couple weeks ago when I posted about that guy who throws up word bubble stickers on different posters/pictures around NYC, then comes back to see what people write in the bubble and take a picture? Apparently this one has been up for a while and everyone's afraid to write something. Classic.

San Fran made with Jello. Awesome.

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