Tonight I went to see G. Love and the Special Sauce with my brother Jonny, who's spending the week with me for his first Thanksgiving vacation from college (he's a freshman at my alma mater). Also with us was my buddy Cisco (same guy who lost the camera with the pictures of Dave Barry and me on it), who came up to crash at our place tonight and go see the parade in the morning. Which I'm still trying to figure a way out of, but haven't yet. Ah well...it will be bittersweet, seeing the parade but not being in it, for the first time.

Anyhow, G. Love was great. We were about 3 people deep from the stage, and at one pause between songs, I DEMANDED Rodeo Clowns, and G heard me, and told me he knew what he was doing up there. It was the next song he played. G is the man one of the most underrated musical geniuses (geniui?) of our generation. Also tonight I was surprised to learn how little known Jack Johnson is in NYC. Which, I guess, makes sense, but is strange all the same.

Well, tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I'll try to find some time to throw up a decent evening post, but links will be a Friday event, this week.

Be thankful...

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Margy said...

BABY'S GOT SAUCE!! I can't believe you and Jonny went to see G. Love! WITHOUT ME! G. Love was in the Burgh my b-day weekend, and I wanted so badly to go, but alas, I had to work. Oh well, maybe someday. Jack Johnson is sweet, but he is little known on the east coast. He doesn't really ever do shows on the east coast, because he can't be away from the ocean for too long. Yes, he loves the guitar, but he also loves his surfboard.