Well, its still Friday, so there's still the possibility of a double posting. Let's get links out of the way and see where things go...

Google Base
is the big news this week. It was up briefly, apparently, but now it just keeps returning to the log-in screen when you put your password in. Why must you hold this power over us Google? Why?!? (If you don't know what Google base is, well, essentially it sounds like it could replace Ebay and Craigslist *both* in one fell swoop). Since this isn't really a Google link of the week, why not spend some time over at Google Groups. Did I link to this before? Ok then, fine. May I point out that Australia gets their own Google? What did they do to deserve that? Ok, that was kind of a boring one for link of the week. How about GooGhoul? Happy Halloween.

Gimme gimme gimme I want I want I NEED I NEED.

Oldie but goodie - this is where I want to work.

You can do anything at Zombo.com.

BookCrossing is cool...like WheresGeorge except for books. Speaking of WG, I found someone else's bill recently. Still haven't gotten but one hit on any of the bills I sent out...

Puppies Behind Bars
is a great idea.

Microsuck - Microsoft's Really Hidden Files. Proceed at your own risk. At least Microsoft feels your pain, right? Go download Firefox already.

Remember that cool world clock I found a week or so back? This one is full size.

Frappr groups people with photos then plots them on Google Maps.

NASA put together an awesome clip of all the 21 named storms from the 2005 Atlantic hurricane season (click on either of the pictures to DL it).

looks like a combination of del.icio.us and Firefox, or something. A social browser. I don't know. I can't keep up with the kids these days.

Wax on, wax Hoff.

There are about 38 million people on earth that are richer than me and about 6 billion poorer than me. This means I'm better off financially than over 99% of the rest of the world. How rich are you?

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BethanyLynne said...

I second that "Gimme gimme gimme, I want, I want, I NEED I NEED!"

Makes me want to pick up a certain DVD as well. Is this corn hand shucked?

Ahh the days when I so often outquoted you...