Danielle's always been one of my best friends, so this weekend I was particularly delighted to be able to see her celebrate such a joyful occasion.

Friday when I finally got out of the office, I headed back to NJ to pick up the wheels. Divine intervention is the only explanation for the way I got them. Back into the city to pick up the rest of the guys, then drove for about 7 or so hours until I was impeded by a very polite Virginia State Trooper. After he had his way with me, he turned to walk back to his machine, and Keller pipes up from the back seat (half asleep, he claims): "Thank you!"

I turned and scowled. "Dave, we don't thank him for what he just did to me. We aren't happy about it. We accept it, but there's no need for thanks." 3am, 4 guys, middle of nowhere, exhaustion setting in...and Dave's unnecessary politeness became the joke of the weekend. It almost made the future pain of my little infraction worthwhile.

BJ got us lost soon after that but we were all too dozy to care. I'm pretty sure he took us to Tennessee at some point. Caught a couple hours sleep in his parents living room, then off to the hotel, tux shop, back to the hotel, and off to the wedding. Beautiful church / service. Keller and I went back to the hotel to catch the end of the second half of the Steelers game. Then off to the reception, where we caught the end of the game on our cellies.

From there on out I have a haze of Applebees, Falcons' game, strategizing, late night ESPN, politics, movies, drunken cousins showing up looking for floorspace, and then it was morning and we were back on the road home. Uneventful drive back, all day long.

Since Friday morning, I've actually spent more time driving than I have sleeping.

Today I woke to unexpected snow. It was as if the heavens knew I had set myself up for a bad Monday, and opened to bear me a salve for my sorrows.

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