Holy cow. Missed a Friday post and then missed yesterday as well. There goes my regular posting endeavors, right out the window. Can't be long as I'm back in the West Village working crazy hours, but here's the story:

Friday was a virtual seminar, then a real local seminar, then taking off with the high schoolers for an evening hockey game on our way up to young life camp. Fun game, long drive, we got to the camp around 1 in the morning. Saturday we woke up and did our deal as the volunteer work crew - weed whacking, leaf blowing, wall building, and in the afternoon we manned the ropes course.

Sunday we headed back early to try and drop the kids at their respective locations before the marathon cut off all ability to do so. Home for a while, watched the marathon, then back to the UWS to watch the Steelers game with Dave, then hit evening service. Home, unpack, crash.

Yesterday was into the office, worked til MCM, then out to Mercury Bar to catch the first half of the game with Dave and Cregan.

So there's your typical Monday-here's-what-I've-been-up-to post. On Tuesday. But I did get the camera out a couple times this weekend, so there are visuals to come.

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