Smallest Lord's Prayer

Risk via Google Maps (yeah I know, I'm catching up on old links at this point)

This dude beats all when it comes to those transparent monitor shots.

Things You Never Knew Existed : Faucet Light

Dontclick.it is verrrry interesting...

Not even Google knows this one.

Mania TV is like crappy MTV, basically...but its still where television is going, mark my words.

VHEMT: scary.

Greatest Internet Moments

Finally found that awesome hurricane surfing ad from Powerade (plus some other cool ones).

The Weather Channel finally realized they needed to make it interesting to get people to watch.

One Red Paper Clip

Bill Watterson's interesting commencement address at Kenyon College.

Could it be?

Festoon lets you see your instant messager buddies.

Kazakhstan threatens "Borat" with court.

Microsoft's end user license.

Here's hoping they bring Phoneswarm to NYC. Maybe I can help...

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