So yeah...last Monday we were talking about what I did last Saturday, which happened to be jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. Finally got the pictures back.

Best view I've ever had of the planet.

Best view I've ever had of a plane.

Looking for terra firma.

Hey, there it is - way down there.

Ooh, I think I see Canada.

This is what you call a "life changing experience," caught on film.

This winter will be like any other - I'll get in as much time on the side of a snow-covered mountain as I possibly can. But for the first time - ever - summer won't find me yearning for the next snowfall - I'll be too busy doing this.


Dawn said...

Nice. I went skydiving a few years ago and had a blast--it's kind of an expensive hobby to start though (the place I went will put you through $1000 worth of training before they consider you qualified to jump solo--but after you're done with training, plane rides are only $15 a pop).

BethanyLynne said...

Nice view.