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I've got a nice long post coming on anger, a subject that's been central to many of my thoughts for the past couple months. Its a bit of an undertaking, but good stuff.

What a wonderful weekend. I finally feel like I really had a real weekend. Friday was the blessed normal end to my week - gym and Chinese take-out. Saturday was breakfast with Tophermo and Nardo at a cool joint in Jersey City that's a bit hard to find - like a speak-easy for swank morning eats. Its just a couple blocks off the water, directly across from the Financial District. Then more gym. George came over and he and I went to DC's to shoot some stick. Back to the lab to blow a couple hours on the puter. Saturday evening was Amanda's Halloween party, the normal 'boken crowd was there and a decent amount of non-bokenites showed up too. I had ushering in the city in the morning so I snuck out a bit early. If pictures surface, I may or may not post. I went as a Hawaiian beauty.

Ushering with the kids, then the congregational meeting in the afternoon. After that I headed over to Roosevelt Island with J-lo to review the next few month's lessons and determine what video clips we want to get put together. J-lo has a TV that is actually bigger than the room it sits in (or so it seemed)...Sunday afternoon NFL made it really hard to focus. But we got through it and she gave me a lift back to the Garden State. I just had a really relaxing weekend. Yeah.

A few other things I may or may not blog on in the near future:

- Things you only see in NYC. This one I'm definitely going to get going on, preferably with picture proof. I have a couple pictures already squirreled away, waiting to be fodder for this line of blather. There's quite a few things I've seen that I either didn't have a camera on me for, or I didn't think the crap-cam on my phone would do justice. I saw one fitting the latter category on my way back to the office from picking up lunch today. Post to come shortly. From NASCAR cars parallel parked on 7th Ave to men dragging buoys, sooner or later you see one of everything here.

- The guidance of the Magic 8 ball. A friend in the office needed to borrow my magic 8 ball for her costume this weekend so I had to dig it up for her. Now its sitting on my desk, and when I'm faced with a particularly tough question, I no longer have to ask myself, "What would Zorro do?" Now I can simply ask the magical ball. "Should I blog about the guidance of the magical ball?"

"You can count on it."


- Sermon notes. I've been thinking about starting to tap them out here, if only to just begin to get many years of hand-scratch on paper. Haven't made a firm decision on this yet.

- Subterranean stories. I by no means want to start another sub-log, NYC seems to have plenty of decent ones so far, but I do have my own personal experiences that I've found interesting enough to write about. Last week on the morning commute, the conductor was closing the doors on the train, preparing to leave Hoboken. The doors open on both sides in Hoboken, as there are platforms on both sides of the departing-to-33rd-street track. Closing the first side, he rang the buzzer, but the doors didn't close. Then he comes on over the PA, noticeably ticked:

"When the bell sounds, it means the doors are closing. DON'T block the doors."

Bell sounds, doors close. Conductor walks through cars to close doors on the other side. Bell sounds, doors don't move, again.


You have to smile when the conductor has a personal conversation over the PA with some moron at the back of the train. You know somewhere back there, somebody's blushing. Or just plain ignorant.

- Other stuff. I had at least one or two other things I wanted to add to this list, but they escape me at the moment, and I've got more than a few things to get done before jetting up to MCM. If I think of them, I'll update this post.

Oh yeah, looks like I finally got my gmail invite, and I am mad pumped. Have to set that up tonight from home. A big "thank you not-very-much" to all those of you who couldn't help me get an invite over these many agonizing weeks. Props to Saidy for the hook-up.

Happy November, everyone.

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