Fun Friday morning linkery for you - last night went a little late for me, ended up going out to see Jarhead... movie- making genius - one of those movies that makes you feel like you are there, like you are beginning to understand the situation for the first time. Which isn't an easy or pleasant experience, but seemingly necessary, at the same time.

So, that's why I forgot to blog. Double dose of links today to make up for it, here's the first:

The Dialectizer - courtesy of Anna... reading the NY Times in Swedish Chef makes it so much more enjoyable.

Google Analytics is the Google link of the week. Haven't installed it yet on my site, but I'm sure that will happen before the weekend is out. Lots of Google Maps goodies this week too...

MashMap - someone finally mashed movie theaters and Google maps together.

Canada's finally catching on to the magic of Google Maps.

Wayfaring appears to be a cleaner, more user friendly, COMPLETE RIP OFF of gmap pedometer, which was developed by a friend of a friend who happens to live in Hoboken.

Map Sex Offenders - useful but kinda scary Google Maps hack.

Thrillist looks like it should be helpful in finding those speak-easy NYC insider secrets that I seek after like a crack addict. Like this place, which I had read about but only stumbled upon last Friday (sadly without reservations).

del.icio.us' import function has been down lately so I haven't been able to get my favorites uploaded even though I finally found the time this week. So instead I squandered the spare minutes on their popular media files lists: mp3, mpeg, wav, etc...

All the water and all the air - hard to believe.

Volvo Ocean Race 2005 - 2006... I want to do this.

Village Voice hits the nail on the head when it comes to one of my most regular reads - Metafilter.

Hopefully you can find a working link to the video this guy talks about - its freakin awesome.

Factbites is supposedly "Where results make sense," but I haven't played around with it to verify that yet.

FlightAware is cool. Too bad the terrorists have internet access.

More to come this evening...when and if my day ever comes to an end. Brother Jonny gets in tonight to spend the week with me, so there should be plenty of watching Anchorman and whatnot...

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