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HandBrake is a cool tool to rip DVDs to your computer.

Audacity is a similar tool for editing audio files. There may be better stuff out there, I've used different ones in the past, this is just one I stumbled upon recently.

A plethora of Google-y goodness this week.

First off, another reason to love Google: they're philanthropic.

elgooG is basically what Google must look like to the people on the inside.

Google Sets
- yet another toy being played with over in the wonderful world of the Google Labs.

gDisk makes using Gmail as a free online hard-drive an easy thing to set up.

My friends Clint and Bright run Here's Life Inner City. Check them out, consider helping a great ministry to the city.

43 Folders' Procrastination hack
- I'll probably never get around to actually using it, but it looks cool.

Remember The Milk is another useful getting-things-done tool, which of course I have submitted to Lifehacker, along with some of this other stuff. gDisk, for instance, I submitted today but they published on it at about the same time (ie. they found it before I submitted). They may be tagging me soon on their Remember The Milk post, but I doubt it will be a linked hat-tip, as they haven't linked to me yet. Not sure why. Maybe I have to actually post some kind of life-hack or tool I came up with on my own, like my Netflix calculation that I did about a year ago. Some guy put the basic calculations in an Excel file and they linked to him. I could have thought of that. Anyway, just from my comment on the Netflix post, I've seen a ton of Lifehacker traffic come my way. So I'm going to keep working on getting a front-page link from them, one way or another. They've mentioned my name (with no link) a few times, recently here , here, and here.

The Knowles Coat of Arms, Family Crest.

You can see the time that this picture was taken at by looking at the clock on the church tower in the distance. Wild.

'You've got to find what you love,' Jobs says.

Watch Frontline online at PBS. Cool.

The official U.S. time clock...actually cooler because you can see where its night and where its day right now.

Slayeroffice color palette creator.

FastWeb - find college financial aid, search for scholarships and get money for college - one I'll be emailing to my brother.

Institute: Dateline Kennel - a Lilek's link - haven't been reading his Bleat as regularly lately, but its still good stuff.

Think your friend / family member / co-worker / etc. might be a sociopath? Find out.

This is not funny.

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