Its Wednesday again. I've got nothing again. Although, now I do have an excuse. Wednesdays used to be go-to-home- fellowship-group- and-come-home nights. Now the schedule includes home fellowship group, then out for philosophizing over pints with my new buddy Dave. Not so much new, as its just recently that we finally started hanging out on a more regular basis. Which is great, and I wouldn't change it if I could. Which I can, but that's beside the point, which is that I get home fairly late and in no state to attempt to write.

Last night was our end-of-3rd-quarter review for my accountability group, and I scored about a 6 out of 10 overall, with a LOT of work to do in the final quarter if I'm going to eek out an 8. At the same time, I'm a much different person from who I was a year ago, and some of that is in good ways.

Today I worked from the office. Got some stuff done, but didn't see the point in coming all the way into the city to do it, as usual. Although I did say "Hi." to a few old faces and was able to grab drinks for Karen's going-back-to-PGH party after work, so that was good.

I started this Mon-Fri posting business under the general assumption that a regular posting schedule is a good thing to maintain a regular readership. I don't view my blog as the typical "hey, here's what's going on in my life," deal that most people use their personal blogs for. I'd like to provide something of (slightly) more interest than that - as evidenced by Theology Tuesdays and Linkology Thursdays...

but I know I fall short of that on a regular basis. So, be advised that I am on the hunt for "More-honest-Wednesdays," and yes, they officially have a name, now. Subject to change, at any point. That point most likely being next Wednesday, at this point.

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