So with all the recent reflection on singleness and relationships and dating and...singleness, I want to write a decent article on the subject. Frankly I'm thinking there's a hole in the market for a good Biblical analysis of the topic, so I'm thinking about trying to actually sketch out a series of articles and see where it goes. Which is why I didn't try squeezing my thoughts on the subject into last night's last minute scramble for a Christian Carnival post. Speaking of which, CC is up over at Rev-Ed.

Singleness and dating and such aren't the only topics I've been hoping to turn into articles (and submit to Relevant and whoever else might have them) lately. There's my recent thoughts on love (quite different from singleness and dating, mind you), waiting, and especially the thoughts on beauty. I listened to a sermon that has been influential for me on this topic on my drive back from the burgh this weekend. I have a lot more I need to internalize on this subject, long story short.

So you can see how that could all tie in to a worth-while series, if I could get my thoughts sketched out in a sensible manner, and perhaps add a few more.

Today after work it was a quick run, then off to Arthur's with the guys to celebrate Jeremy's b-day. A liter of Killians and a massive steak and of course completing the tradition with malts across the street at Jonny Rockets. And here I sit, feeling ill, again. Why this is a tradition I have no idea. Its terrible. I feel terrible. But it is fun.

That's all I've got. You know...its Wednesday. We talked about this last week. I think I need a theme for Wednesday, at least something general. I had an idea earlier this week for it but I've completely forgotten by this point. I'm open to suggestions.

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