Well, it took me more than a quarter of a century, but I finally watched the longest game ever in World Series history. I knew I could do it. Go me.

Freakin Houston is looking great but just not great enough...disappointing.

Got a bit of a late start on the day thanks to being up all night watching the game, so I had to work a little late this evening, which is no good because tomorrow is an all day seminar over near Grand Central that goes all day, starting early. But there's an after-party deal to keep us motivated. Thursday linkery may be running a little late this week thanks to all that. Then Friday is more happy hour stuff - one for work and another for Redeemer's Vision Campaign.

My hands are doing well, thanks to the new steroid cream that the new derma hooked me up with, so for the first time in many years I am able to keep playing guitar now the weather is turning cold. Except life is such that I'm not finding time for guitar playing right now anyway. But at least I can fold clothes and shuffle papers and whatnot without pain and frustration.

Speaking of the cold weather, we passed a fall milestone today - we keep all the vents closed except the one in my room during the hot months, because my room for some reason (probably just me) is always too hot. So when we run the AC it generally cools the rest of the place faster than my room, even with the vents so strategically set. And in the cold months...we open all the vents except the one in my room, which is tightly sealed to prevent over-heating my room. This tactic seems to work relatively well, when combined with proper window management. Which, in the cold months, means "open" in my room.

The down comforter is still in the closet. Its officially cold when that guy comes out of hibernation.

Please keep my buddy Garland in your prayers. He's a buddy of mine from young life in the city, my age, and found out recently that he has a pretty rare form of cancer, that started in his neck. He's already had his first surgery and is in the midst of pretty intensive treatment right now. He's the nicest guy you'd ever meet. Why bad stuff like this always seems to happen to the best people you know is beyond me.

Today has been weird, potential projects have popped up all over the place, all of a sudden. From York, PA to Vancouver, Canada to Sweden, to Minneapolis, to local... they're just all over. Which is cool. At least a couple of them sound really interesting and like great fits for me, especially one that would be working with market segmentation for a new method of applying chemotherapy to the abdominal cavity - intraperitoneal hyperthermic chemotherapy, or IPHC. Of all things. I really hope that works out, it would be a huge shift from where my specialization has been before, yet utilizing skills I've already built. Which is just f-i-n-e by me.

Ever notice how the change of seasons seems to always bring out the romantic side of people? Winter changes to spring is the classic one - flowers and butterflies and all that. But spring changes to summer and everyone wants someone to picnic with and go to the beach with and bask in the sun with. Then summer fades to fall and everyone wants someone to watch the leaves change color with and drink apple cider with and wear new sweaters with. Autumn goes into winter and everyone wants someone to hug them tight when they're cold and throw snowballs with and go to the holiday parties with.

Everyone (well, for the most part) wants someone, and even the ebbs and flows of nature's most natural patterns serve to evoke these drives and desires in us. That, or just living in Hoboken and seeing couples together. Constantly.

The continual challenge for the single Christian person is to focus not on finding the right person, but on being the right person.


Margy said...

Can Hoboken possibly worse than Grove City College when it comes to that?!

Sara said...

Oh, so then you DO fold your own laundry! haha

Just sayin hi. How's it goin? Remember me, maybe not?

I agree about the changin-season romantic stuff. It's tough.