No post Monday! Two post Tuesday. One now...and one in a few hours.

Friday was chill, Saturday was cleaning around the place, working on the lesson, and then I caught "Two for the Money" with Chris. It was a decent flick. I guess I expected it to be a little different than it actually was, but Al's acting could save even the worst of movies (not that this was).

Chris has a new Saab. I like.

Sunday was exciting - we had the biggest group of kids for the high school group that we've ever had in my 3+ years here. Began our Spiritual Disciplines checkpoint, where we're focusing on the spiritual discipline of "Giving." Then it was off to the bowling alley in Port Authority for...bowling. Then Ollie's Noodle Shop just off of Times Square. Came home and pretty much collapsed.

Monday was back out in wonderful Wayne, NJ. And Monday night was spent in the city with Keller at Reservoir, a bar near where he used to live just south of Union Square. Steelers bar - so there were a few fans there to cheer with for the game. The Yankees finally lost about halfway through the 4th quarter of the Steelers game, so the place pretty much cleared out after that. The Steelers finally went to Heath Miller a few times, so I won my football pool for the week, which ties me for second in the pool. And Big Ben took a scary looking shot to the knee.

Dropped Dave off and headed home. Got in late, forgot to blog, and couldn't sleep. Feel like crap today because of that.

So I'm off to take a run.

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