Just another typical autumn weekend in the world of David. Or Dave, depending on who you are and how well you know me.

Friday eve was working on the lesson, then a brief stop-over at Tony's annual Sinatra party. Good times but working myself into a suit on a Friday evening is just too tall an order. Saturday was an early breakfast with my man Glenn and then a park-cleaning service day with the youth group. Ran home for poker with 9 others here at our place, I tied for 4th, just outside the money. Wasn't getting good hands, nothing you can do about that. And Saturday night was a birthday party for Heather at her and Darin's place. Its not a party until I end up in Darin's handcuffs (Darin's a Secret Service agent), which he never seems to remember to put away when we all come over.

Sunday was the typical school-year Sunday - set up Jr. High, sit with Sr. High in the service, head down to the offices, lead Sr. High, head back to the 'boken with Cregan. Sundays become a bit of a full day and are never particularly restful with all the energy I end up putting into them (especially this past one, when I ended up heading back in to the evening service to help Cregan with the Vision campaign presentation they did after the service on the west side). Which makes it important to find some rest on Saturdays. Which can be a hard thing to accomplish. Saturdays are when the rest of the world schedules most of their non-work events.

This week I have some kind of commitment every night, including Saturday (babysitting fundraiser with the youth group during the bi-annual church members meeting), and then Sunday is another typical Sunday. I just don't seem to have time for anything outside of work and all the normal commitments. Keeping up with friends, pursuing hobbies (old or new), making good on my annual accountability goals, practicing the guitar, finally finishing any of the 18 books I'm reading, even getting out on a date now and again becomes a chore.

My life needs more organization and less procrastination. Also I could use a better memory, that's for sure.

I just need to remember to get around to making it happen.

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