Thursday means links.

Cool: Thinkmap Visual Thesaurus

I used to "not like" the French. Now "hate" is no longer too strong a word. Die, France (warning, tough link to see if you're a dog lover like me).

Google link-o-the-week: Google Ride Finder

Gem Sweater. Speaks for itself. Quite literally.

Petals Around the Rose. I got this after like the first .23 seconds. But that probably has to do with my gambling problems.

The Navy was training killer military death dolphins. And now they're loose. This is the stuff movies are made of.

The MegaPenny Project

Peter Jackson is directing the movie adaptation of Halo. I'm not even a huge Halo fan yet the nerd in me rejoices.

Cool info over at worldmeters.

Mind mapping at Mayomi.

Qnext appears to have serious potential.

iKarma probably has no potential at all.

Wikipedia link of the week is the list of made-up words in the Simpsons.

How to tie a tie. For the brothers.

How to beat the system at Best Buy. I don't condone this but it sounds for reals.

Bonus Google link - see traffic cams. Wild.


Dawn said...

That's a poor reason to hate the French--it doesn't even sound like they necessarily had anything to do with it. Have you ever seen how they actually treat their dogs? The French are prone to spoil their dogs more than anyone else.

Dawn said...

Oh yeah, and a comment about Petals--that game infuriated me as a kid because my dad used to torture us with it. Took me forever to figure out because I kept thinking in ways that were too complicated. I'm amused that you found it online.

David said...

Hey, don't take your frustration with the Petals out on me and my disdain for the French...

Kidding. If pressed, I wouldn't *actually* say I hate the French at large. But I do struggle not to hate anyone who so dreadfully breaks the command to be a good steward of God's creation, especially when that creation is an innocent canine.

I haven't been to France to see how they treat their poodles, but if territories that they control are doing this, I have to say I have a very bad first impression...