We start another fabulous trip through the land-o-links with a small collection of new takes on old movies, preview style - here, here, and my personal favorite - here.

Also in the video category we have pretty much the worst display of poor sportsmanship so far this year, perhaps in many.

Ok I'm probably the only nerd that's geek enough to appreciate this, but its basically one of the all time classic moments in video game history.

This may be the best beer ad, ever.

That's it for video. What other goodies have we?

This year's world-championship trip will be to Toronto for the world-championship of "Paper, Rock, Scissors," however perhaps next year I can make a showing at the world-championship of Beer Pong. In the mean time, I'll be using this site to practice my PRS skills. And, in honor of Saddam being in the news again this week, here's an oldie but goodie: Paper, Rock, Saddam. (brief language warning)

Your Google link of the week is somebody beating me to the punch. Crap.

Hats off to the Navy boys.

AIM users - find out if a buddy has blocked you (of course you could always register a new screen-name and ad them, right?).

World Press Photo's 50 years Gallery.

Cool ASCII Generator. I think the graffiti font works best.

Good Watertower, EVIL WATERTOWER

Are you old like me?

Say hello to my boomstick. (You're old if you can appreciate this link.)

More cool free fonts.

Take courses for free at MIT. No joke.

Everything you ever wanted to know about symbols.

Hey ladies...you can reach me at a-01-dig-elves.

Remember when I did that Paris skyline thing? This of course is much cooler. Our other NYC link of the week is yet another cool cultural art idea on the streets of the city.

Spam Stock Tracker - tracking how much money people can lose with penny stocks from spam.

Support Gulu Walk.

Firefox toped 100 Million downloads this week. 100 Million. If you're not using it already, you should be, if you are, well check this out.

And our far and away cool site of the week is...Jackson Pollock.

(Wow. That's a lot of links. Look how good I am to you. Go me.)

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