Well along came fall. Its cold and wet and rainy and wet. I hid inside for the most part - Friday was take-out and working on the lesson. Saturday was A History of Violence with George. That was all I really did all day. I planted on the couch for the college games, slept, worked on the lesson some more, watched the world series, and crashed. It was great having a day of nothing for a change.

Sunday was Sunday - setting up Jr. High, sitting in the service with the Sr. Highers, heading down to the church offices, leading Sr. High, a leader's meeting afterwards, then back to the 'boken so I could hang out with Titus while C&M ran into the city to catch the evening service. Spending a few hours with a 2 year old is good for your perspective on life.

Then back into the city to catch Dawn's gig on the East Side. Dawn is good, and I'm not saying that because I know Dawn might read this when she gets back home. She's actually very good live, which is hard for most people to be.

Today I found out I may be on a pharmaceuticals project for the next few months, splitting my time between here, Boston, and LA. Or it might not work out, who knows. I wouldn't mind a little time back in the home state, especially this time of year.

I'm thinking I might try starting the week with my sermon notes from Sunday. It would be a way to make me type them out and a welcome substitute for the normal weekend recap mediocrity that I dole out come Monday nights. We'll see. If work kicks up its going to be all I can do to stay regular with the blog in the first place, let alone add on to my normal contributions.

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83princess said...

I do miss the New England area this time of year. Enjoy!