Did anybody see where did my summer went? My birthday is long gone and its starting the slow cool-down into fall already. But hopefully not in California - I leave this Friday for a week with the fam on the beach - Santa Barbara and Pismo mainly.

Friday was about 20 or so straight hours of youth group madness - renting cars and driving to the park and fighting through the group sales line and sitting in the lazy river and riding the front seat of various roller-coasters so much I think I got some whiplash. Saturday was reclusive recovery from Friday, and Sunday was ushering with the kids at the morning service, reading all afternoon, evening service, followed by a nice evening out in the city.

And, no - I haven't seen any good movies lately.

Finding a staffed position with work is this week's main item on the docket, with packing and the flight west wrapping up the week on Friday. May take a break from blogging during the vacation as well - remains to be seen. I host CC the week I get back, so that should be quite a bit of work upon my return - hopefully I won't be returning directly to a staffed position that Monday or things could get a little ugly.

On the side, I'd like to get done some of that HTML / Photoshopping I've been planning to do for ever so long. Frankly I'd like to have the site more than a little revamped by the time I get back from vacation, so expect some changes, if I can figure out what it is exactly that I'm doing. This will be less learning and more just playing around with things for the time being. And it might include finally getting some of the drawings scanned...

Welcome to August. We hope you enjoy your stay here, please let us know if there's anything we can do to make it more pleasant.

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