Things I plan on consuming next week:

Shark steak

A plethora of corn dogs (accompanied by chili fries) - Weinerschnitzel

Avacados by the truckload

Fresh Crab - Santa Barbara Shellfish Co.

A double-double - In-n-Out Burgers

A box of pot stickers - Bel Air's takeout counter

Some ice-cold Grey Goose with my now-legal brother

Carne asada

A famous star (and onion rings) - Carl's Jr. (Dad would prefer if I ate elsewhere because they have some racy TV ads, but I just can't resist)

Asian buffet - Luau Gardens

Taco Bell

Lots of hot dogs cooked on sticks over beach fires

All the leftovers in the home fridge

A frosty mug filled with A&W

Filet at some wedding I have to go to

A salad - Fresh Choice

A brew with dad - Sacramento Brewing Co. or River City Brewery (or both)


French Onion Soup - Red Robin

Water from the home faucet (we have a well that draws from an underground river flowing straight from the snow-melt of the Sierra Nevada's, - I bring home Nalgenes to fill up and bring back to NYC with me)

A sandwich - a real California Togo's

Beer on the beach at sunset

Pizza - Mountain Mike's or Round Table (or both)

Egg Roll on a Stick - the state fair (this one's iffy b/c opening day is the day I'm planning to leave town).

Most of these things can not be obtained (at least not at the same quality levels) on this side of the nation (or at least not in my immediate locale), and having grown up in their bounteous goodness back home, I am looking forward to them. By "looking forward" I mean I have been thinking of them and drooling for days on end. While I'd like to think I can get to all of them in a week, I have to be realistic, especially as we'll be traveling quite a bit. I'm just going to have to make the best of it. A few that I can guarantee (save acts of God) are Weinerschnitzel, Carl's Jr, pot stickers, home water, and a brew with dad. These are all necessary traditions.

I'm taking my running shoes but I think we all know that will be like going to war armed with a feather duster.

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Paula said...

LOL. I looked at your list and thought, "He may as well have said he was going to eat a cholesterol bomb." (Hey, I'm a MOM) At least you're getting your salad, fresh seafood and avacodos in there. Man, we just so look at food as a source of love and social construct, don't we? I think it is... I know what you mean about the well water. I love drinking a huge glass of it when I go 'home' too.

have a great time. God bless you.