(Hi. If you've come here looking for Christian Carnival, its not up yet. But it will be. Skip the first paragraph below and then start reading for a more in-depth explanation.)

I'm not sure which is more full at the moment - my stomach or my brain. After a long day in the office, it was off to Rogo's and then 10th and Willow with 10 of my buddies from church to pit the wings at both locations against each other in a wing death-match of sorts. Two wings enter, one wing leaves. Basically we all had a lot of wings and beer at each place and then voted on the Price/Value, Hotness, and Overall Quality of the wings at the different establishments. Peter and Matt had originally nominated Rogo's, and I was the sole nominee representing 10th and Willow. While neither establishment posted a phenomenal score (on a 1-10 scale, averaged across the 3 categories and 11 guys), the final scores were about as close as can be. 10th and Willow won with a score of 5.091 over Rogo's 5.061. Its because I voted ridiculously in favor of 10th and Willow, and got a last minute "8" in overall quality vote from Peter, who was repping Rogo's. So, anyway, that explains the full stomach.

Full head is because I'm STILL working on the Christian Carnival post I hope to have up by mid-day tomorrow. But NO PROMISES. If you'll note the average time I usually get around to posting on a daily basis (I usually only post Mon-Fri nowadays, btw), you'll see that I usually don't have a chance to blog before the 11pm-1am time frame on any given day. For example, the post you are reading now is my Tuesday evening post, and its about 1am on Wednesday morning (the end of my Tues. evening, so to speak). This is due to the constraints of work, church, social life, sports, wings, or whatever the excuse of the day is.

BUT, I'm going to do my best to get it up by lunch-time-ish tomorrow, because I don't want to keep the masses waiting. Yall wrote a lot of good stuff and far be it from me to keep it from the eyes of the public any longer than that. So I'm working on it as fast as I can. I have every submission so far (11:50pm - deadline is 1:00am this week) built into my post, now I have to go through and read the roughly 66% of posts I haven't read yet, organize, theme, and whatnot. Oh, and I hope to build trackback capability into my blog thanks to Wayne (to be linked to in CC tomorrow) before I actually post it. So yall should have your trackbacks. So have some patience, I beg you.

I didn't think I would be doing client work the week I got back from vacation and therefore planned on having more time to put towards a better and more timely CC. But I guess Murphy and God got together over brewskis and decided to put the kibosh on that plan. Real funny, guys. I especially like the touch of putting me back on the Toys R Us project that I was so sure I'd never have to deal with again. Hysterical.

(hopefully someone gets the picture joke today...also I might point out that it took me like 5 pages of Google Images to find the first non-totally-slutty JS picture that was usable for this post...wasn't she a good girl for like 5 minutes once? sad.)

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Cindy said...

Great minds must think alike, David!

I blogged about Jessica here.