Look at me, I got published. So to speak. Kind of. Well that's what I'm going to call it, so you just deal with it.

Weird seeing my words being promoted on someone else's site. A good feeling. One I would like to have again, many times over.

If you haven't been reading here long, you may not be aware of some of my driving ambitions. As I said at the outset, "I have pretenses of being a writer someday and thought this might make a good start of it." I write these days to keep the working the writing muscles in hope that I might some day put them into full use. I've been toying with the idea of further education towards this end for more than a few years, and as time goes by I continue to narrow down my focus - at this point I'm fairly certain I'd like to attend seminary in the not-too-distant future, however journalism school is still a strong contender.

Whew fast weekend. Friday was drinks on the roof of the Met which was a pretty cool scene, then home to crash early. Saturday morning helped the crew move most of Rachel and Kirkley's stuff into storage. Got a good run in, first in about 2 weeks thanks to a recent calf injury. I babied it though and thankfully am back up to speed in no time. Sunday was more chilling and then cooking all afternoon for the potluck they had at Redeemer Hoboken to celebrate the church becoming independent of Redeemer NY (where I'm a member), Tony's installation as teaching elder (pastor), and Gary, Peter, Glenn, and Jason (my roommate) all becoming elders. So that was a cool service (Keller spoke, and later gave Tony his charge) and a lot of fun.

Then the weekend was over.

Not just a big day for me, by the way. My sister jumped into the blog world too, check her out and give her some encouragement. She'll do well at this blogging thing, if she finds the time. Please leave her a comment begging her to ditch her crazy xanga blog idea and stick with Blogger, safe in the folds of the almighty Google.


Anonymous said...

Just wondering - how long between the time you submitted your article to Relevant and them getting back with you? I sent one in a few days ago and was curious. Thanx.


David said...

Maybe a couple of months, but I had unique circumstances. Dawn, the editor of the Deeper Walk section, held my article til they re-released their latest version of the site a couple of weeks ago.

You may want to contact whoever you sent your article to if you're anxious to see it (I know I was - thankfully I knew Dawn before I submitted so I could constantly annoy her over AIM).

Anonymous said...

BTW - great article.


BethanyLynne said...

Wow, David, I'm proud of you. Congrats! Keep us, your faithful readers, posted on any other publishings that occur. Gotta get in on this before you really hit it big. Don't forget us lil people once the inevitable fame hits...

Margy said...

Hey bro,

Thanks for the plug on the blog. Although my site stinks and I need to talk about real stuff one of these days. Speaking of... great article. So cool you got it published!

AND, did you REALLY netflix the entire series of Freaks and Geeks? That is my favorite tv show EVER. Unfortunatly, it wasn't the favorite tv show of whoever decided to cut it.