Yeah so Google Talk continues to be the talk of the town. The guys over at Skype must be like "Well, it *was* a good idea, right? Anybody? ...". I was just on with one of my coworkers and she was on with another friend of hers in Singapore. For free. And the sound is as clear as a phone.

I'd say its a big day for connectivity, and a bit of death knell for telecommunications. Pretty soon the average desk will have one thing on it - a computer. No more need for the phone.

In other news, site traffic is way up, and August will be by far the most clicks my site has ever seen, thanks in large part to my hosting of Christian Carnival and getting mentioned in a few strategic places. The second biggest month remains May of this year, thanks to Improv Everywhere. I'm currently working on helping them out with their next event, also, by the way, so perhaps more links from them in the future. And hopefully I'll be up on Relevant Magazine sometime soon, so I can link to that for you. That should send some links this way if they tag me. See if you can guess which day I posted the Carnival from the pic above. See if you can guess if I'll be planning to host it again.

And that's all I got for tonight. Thanks to all my new readers who have been checking the blog out regularly - happy to have you around, and I'll continue to endeavor to post material worthy of your time and commenting. (Thanks to my long-timers too, you know who you are.)

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