Live blogging from one of THE coolest towns on the planet - Santa Barbara, California. Just driving around for a bit made me remember how much I love it here, and an hour or so has reminded me that I need to take a few days and come chill here sometime soon. We had lunch down on a pier with a family friend, then came back to an area of downtown we used to frequent as my grandparents started a store here with some friends of theirs. They've long since retired and moved up to norcal with us, but I used to spend my summers down here going to tennis camp, the beach, working in the store. Their friend, the wife of the couple still lives here and owns a bit of the real estate here in downtown, including Finestra, a Christian coffee shop / book-store that is super cool - very laid back and relaxed.

Gotta run, we're off to Pismo and a week in the ocean. Joy. Updates when I can, likely not til late in the week. Pictures to come.

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