Thursday means links. These are all I've been able to put together from the few minutes I've had to surf on the home comp this week. There's more stuff on the lappy but I'm too exhausted to start the thing up - its an early bed time for me for a change. Enjoy.

Urban Ninja

This was bound to happen.

Kind of cool if you're big into Jeopardy.

Walken 2008. More cowbell.

Its a tie this week in the "There's a Blog for Everything" category: The Bacon Show
and The Restroom.

I realize that linking to the Homestar Runner Wiki makes me a complete and total doers, but I'm ok with that. Deep down inside, you see, I know I'm a cool guy.

Jackie Chen got nothing on the French. They should stick to this kind of stuff and leave the cycling to us.

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