I'm still at work. This sucks. The partner I'm working with on this project is a really cool guy, but he has this tendency to finally get time to sit with me and explain what he wants to see right about the time normal people are leaving to go home for the evening. So we work together from 4 or 5pm until about, say, 7 or 8pm...and I leave with the task of pulling together about 50 power point slides into a realistic presentation by tomorrow morning. So...yeah. Its 10pm and I'm just taking a brain break.

I can't complain, I didn't do anything all summer. I guess I'm just spoiled.

Anyway, even though I've blogged enough this week to last me like a month, I ain't forgetting Thursday links. No sir.

Second time my name's been mentioned on LifeHacker in as many days. I'm not sure that last sentence is grammatically correct but I'm too tired to care. Anyway here's the link to Google Mapki, the link I submitted to them. Don't miss the Map Projects page, lots of fun Google Maps stuff.

It would take roughly 346 bottles of Diet Peach Iced Tea Snapple to kill me.

I'd like to start swing dancing more. Thanks to Dawn I found one way to get started. I need a partner...that's pretty much the only reason I haven't done it more in the last...oh, half a decade?

When Target isn't selling diamonds they're teaching us how to fold fitted sheets. This one is thanks to Hotel Cali.

Amazon's the latest player to throw their hat into the Online Map Tool ring. Theirs is cool because certain city/streets offer actual street level photos of that portion of the block. I got pictures of the building I'm sitting in right now with little trouble. The pic above is of the building right next door to us, where they were filming Law and Order yesterday.

Now I can tell where most of my visitors are viewing my site from, thanks to yet another Google Map hack. So far everyone's been from North America.

Ok its straight up Google goodness this week I guess. Again. Use Google to search the net for unprotected file lists (you know those lists that say /Index/ up top and then have a bunch of free files some moron didn't properly html). It says it'll search media files (ie. music like mp3, wma's, etc.) but I bet you could manipulate it to work on other files too. Tyoogle.

Yeah, New York isn't dirty. Chicago, now Chicago is a dirty city. Let me tell you. How about Cali showing up with all the clean ones. Sacto ranking pretty well on the "cleanest" side. That 4 in air quality was the kicker. Oi.

Get online coupon codes here before you shop. I've been trying to find something like this for a while.

This guy's got a cool idea. I think.

Even better than cliff notes.

Interesting way to find a book that might suit you.

Ok there's other stuff...but I need to get back to work.


83princess said...

Hope you are having a better day today then Thursday!
I enjoy reading your Blog.


Dawn said...

You don't need a partner--it's all about social dancing, which is all about dancing with different people. The only times I have a "formal" partner are when I teach lessons. And even then it's just because we were friends from dancing a few minutes together a week.