Boo yeah. Welcome home to me. Hope you had a happy Easter, because you ain't getting another one for about 364 days.

Arright, so since last broadcast (not the last post, but the one before it, thanks to my incredibly inferior posting skills - no, wait, I blame it on the backwards internet they have up there in Canadia...)...

Thursday was riding as planned and then a very nice steak din-din. And cigars. And Jackass. Friday was packing, then we grabbed another rental (Eddie Bauer edition Ford Explorer - about as nice as these crappy American vehicles come) and loaded our gear up. Spent a few hours on the slopes, even got in a few tracked-out 5-day-old pow turns, then headed back to Vancouver. Briefed the Kuz on the finer points of bear hunting, or at least what I remember of them from the years past - haven't been since I was a teen, I don't think. Stopped at the A&W in Squamish, which was definitely one of the high points of the trip for me. So happy.

Dinner was at a nice joint called Earl's in Vancouver, where we had the best service I've seen in years. Just incredible. The guy even tried to help us get a new business idea rolling, after (unintentionally) giving us the new idea. If I'm ever back in Vancouver, I'll stop at Earl's for a bite. Stayed at one of Kuz's buddy's place and headed for the airport in the morning.

Met an interesting dude in the line at the ticket counter who was headed to NYC with his wife and kid - he's a promoter for fashion designers and movie companies. Interesting stuff. They insisted on taking us out to dinner tonight, which turned out to be nice.

Today was church, then ushering the second service, then off to the abode of one of the kids in our youth ministry. She has perhaps the most youth-worker-encouraging parents I've ever met, and they are old friends with the pastor of a Redeemer church plant in Harlem, who was also there with his family, who (with his wife) is also one of the most youth-worker-encouraging people I've ever met. So that was cool. Then to Stell's to grade practice tests (I'm a good grader), then off to dinner with the family from the airport. Stell, Kuz, Plo, Vivian, the Vancouver family, and I. Vietnamese. Subway, PATH, cab, home. Unpack. Some. IM. Get ready for tomorrow. Realize I can't sleep. Have a Jonny Black to celebrate my relatively successful observation of Lent. I'm going to take a few more weeks off to make up for the slip-ups here and there...hey, I was on vacation, ok?

More reports on my works-based faith to come. And more pictures. And I'm going to try to do a brief description of my Whistler co-cohorts to kind of flesh out some of my friends for you, sometime soon. And I'll have info on my new job, which I have to report to, out in central Jersey, in about 7 hours. Hopefully I can get some sleep before that.

Oh yeah, the above is from the highway between Whistler and Vancouver. One of the best drives anywhere on the planet. I love BC.

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BethanyLynne said...

I'm noticing you've failed to mention the absolutely amazing girl who you've recently fallen for and spend your works days thinking (and singing) about while having butterflies in your stomach...I guess you quote "What About Bob?" to just anyone huh? (sigh)