I've been doing little or no thinking about subjects fitting for the blog, and that, combined with the Black Death I seem to have come down with this weekend have killed most of my normal writing energy (blog or otherwise). I have reasons to believe they should come storming back this month. First priority will be finding my health again - the sinister forces of sickness seem to have left a substantial brigade in my sinuses, while shifting the majority of their forces to my chest.

Sunday I slept as long as I could, still up in time for church but I chilled instead and returned to massive hydration mode. Headed in for evening service, where I met up with Dawn, then dessert (tea for me) with a friend of hers at Cafe Lallo - one of those NY places that is actually really nice when its not being overrun by the tourists there to see a scene from a movie.

Monday I had to show my face in the office to prove I was sick, go to the meeting announcing Federated's acquisition, and get a few necessities taken care of - took off for home as the brunt of the snowstorm. Got a call on the way home from the VP of Kenneth Cole's men's tailored division - wanted me to consider a position as account exec for the entire northeast division. Ironic timing. But logical.

Got bored being home so early so I headed back into the city, discovered the unique accessibility of the 7 train from Port Authority, and hit a cool bar/lounge on the ES for another Christianity Uncorked. Does religion lead to holy war? Basically, yes. Had a couple of Sprites at the bar and when I got home I was famished, as I hadn't eaten much all weekend to that point. A big box of cold lo mein, and a guzzle of Nyquil. I found my secret recipe. I shall have to remember it.

Woke up at almost noon today, figured I should call in and make sure they knew I wasn't coming. Read / surfed the afternoon away then headed in to meet up with Older Sister for a bit. Back here for Tuesday accountability and that brings me to here.

Where I still have pretty much nothing to say. But a good deal on the mind.

Happy March.

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