That was a week? What happened? Whoa. Spent today visiting my Winslow Homers at the Met. They have more than 2 but there's only 2 that matter to me. Call me simple but they're my 2 favorite things in that building.

No Thursday linkology again, for like the forevereth week in a row. But a day late is pretty good, considering. Here we go.

They're procreating. It was bound to happen sooner or later. Either Google or Apple is going to rule the world in 10 years. The battle will be epic.

If you haven't been heeding my advice to NEVER USE INTERNET EXPLORER AGAIN EVER, here is a cool analysis of how Firefox works. Not that you should need this to convince you.

Weddings now have web-pages. There's probably good wedding blogs out there at this point too. But I'm not exactly looking for that stuff when I go surfing. Anyway this one is my good friend Brec who rocks and will have a rocking wedding, at which, I plan to rock.

SoCity has cool clothes, I want one of their tees.

So far this is the best online version of a personal calendar that I've been able to find. It sucks, but it gets the job done. And you can access it from anywhere you have internet access. Perfect (almost) for people like me who loathe carrying a PDA around.

Jek Porkins has a fan site. When Google or Apple rules us all, the men behind the curtain will be Star Wars fans. These are the kinds of things I stay up at night worrying about. You should be, too.

Everything Bart ever wrote on the chalkboard in the opening sequences.

Triumph the insult comic dog does the weather for Hawaii. I might actually try to watch the news if this kind of stuff was ever on regularly. Language warning.

Cool CGI short of the week is Delivery. They're out of bandwidth there, apparently, check it out here (click on the QBN Cinema link in the upper left corner).

And one last thing - this Google-will-rule-us-all-business...I'm not the only crazy prognosticator claiming that the end is extremely freakin' nigh. I've seen my future, and it is EPIC. Check the smooth transition from fact to fiction. The date will be the only thing that gives it away.

The truly scary thing is that I found the EPIC in the course of composing this post. My line in the first link paragraph above - "The battle will be epic" - I wrote that before I even found this last link. It is a sign.

I am now going to Target to stock up on batteries and canned food and water purification tablets. And iPods.

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