This week hasn't gone at all according to plan, but that's not entirely a bad thing.

Monday was a great long run that re-murdered the left foot and pretty much eliminated the possibility of running for the rest of the week. Although I'm thinking of giving it another go tomorrow, if it looks ok. Also there was cleaning and the official beginnings of the new website design. As I kick the HTML brush-upping into high gear, you can expect to see me practicing some of it here, but be ye warned - my goal is to make this site obsolete by year-end. It has begun.

Tuesday I decided to rollerblade since I couldn't run. Some comp work at the church offices, then off to visit the very invalid J-lo. Today I took her to see Julius Caesar, which was incredible. I hope they keep it to the limited engagement that they originally claimed, because otherwise I'll have to go see it again. I absolutely swear that the man on the right in the picture above is Denzel, and I might add that he did in fact spit on me at one point. I kind of had to duck my head somewhat into the path of the spittle, but the seats were good enough to afford me that luxury.

Thursday is off to a splendid start. I won't be sleeping as I made the horrible mistake of yet again allowing even *more* sugar into my diet, this time in the form of some kind of chocolate mousse death cake thing from Whole Foods. I must put an end to this. I want to do my taxes but I don't really feel like doing them at night, for some reason. So I'll do them a little later this morning. Then I'll go to the Met and finally get around to my reading.

I'm hating these bland what-i-did-with-my-life-today updates more than you are, believe me, but I'm still in that overcast abyss. A ship in the fog. I think I might be manic.

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