Its a sure sign that God is grinning on you when you pull into the center of the universe (aka Hoboken, NJ) at 1 in the morning and find an empty parking space directly in front of your place. No, wait. You don't understand. Finding a parking space, and I mean any parking space whatsoever, in Hoboken, late at night, is like...finding something that's really hard to find. Or something. Anyway, with that qualification stated, its literally mind-blowing, the parking space I found. I'm convinced that either a) I did something very good, or b) I did something very bad. That's the grace based faith talking.

Did the taxes via Taxact, which tries to sell you a deluxe version about every 0.255 seconds. You don't actually need the deluxe version, but you can get a free e-file, worth $7.95. Also, the deluxe version costs $12.95. Someone in some conference room a while back thought that $5.00 would be a nice round figure by which to rip off an uninformed public. In 10 years, everyone will e-file, and there will be no fee, and no commercial services selling the same crappy form-filling-out program every year with a new digit on the end. And you won't have to pay to download jack.

Did some work at the church offices, primarily writing up the new "youth leader profile." Its interesting to be on the development end of new policy. Almost feels like I'm getting sucked back into the politics that I'm forever hiding from in corporate America. I did my time in the political arena, served as summer internships during college. Speaker of the assembly, State Secretary's office, even the Gov's digs...you name it. I'd make just the finest young legislative analyst, mark my words. But that will never happen.

Saw Hitch. Will need to Netflix it later, as there's more than a little Quality Dating Truth laid out in it - the 90/10 rule, for instance. More on that at another time.

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