Links in no particular order tonight. I just had Arthur's with the guys so I'm in no shape to do anything but sit and veg.

Famous people blinking

Seriously messed up site about a poor little bunny

Cool bumper sticker

Interesting knife block

Improv Everywhere is a veritable smorgasbord of reasons to love NY. I plan to be a part of No Pants 2006, if I can swing it.

Yale students with too much time on their hands.

Baby Got Bible. I'm pretty sure this isn't blasphemy, but it still feels wrong. Somehow the whole song is legitimately clean, though.

Jet Blue's 5th Anniversary celebration ends tomorrow. If you're a Jet Blue member, go here to see if you're an instant winner of today's prize, a sweet entertainment center. Tomorrow's grand prize is 5 years of free flights for one person and 1 year of free flights for five others. I already won a free flight a couple weeks ago.

I think I linked to Where's George, long, long ago. I finally got my first hit this past week. He only made it to Wilkes Barre, PA. Rather unimpressive.

Google link of the week. Fo schizzle.

Not Google link of the week.

Well, the Gates went up, hung out, saw some snow, and came down, and I managed not to say much about them at all. Everyone else said plenty, I figured. I thought they were cool, in a saffrony kind of way. Here's a few of my favorite gates links.

Crate and Barrel's new destination.

A great post on at least some of the problems with Ipod. He didn't even get into the whole "withholding of market-ready technology for maximum current-product sales" ethics issue, but he did touch on the primary problem with Ipod/Apple - you don't have control of your own music.

WineRaveNYC: "promises to be the most exciting, entertaining 2-day wine and spirits tasting event ever held in the New York area." Mmmkay.

NY Mappy links (most courtesy of MUG this week):


Cool, but looks suspiciously like Google technology.

I want the unfolded one for Christmas. Write it down.

Pretty extensive map database.

Cool Site Design and Fun Toy of the Week Awards both go to Transparent New York.

Finally found James and Beth's wedding present. Don't click, Jimbo, its a surprise.

Cool New Blog of the Week award goes to English Cut. The down-low on Savile Row.

And if premium tailored clothing isn't your thing, then entertain yourself with Tetris 1-D. Betcha can't beat my score.

(click the picture up top for a cool NYC photoblog)


witw said...

Great links today! HP productivity down since the discovery of gizoogle in the office.

Anonymous said...

So you post a link for my wedding present and then I can't even look at it? When I am I getting it, when am I getting it? :)

Thanks for the ear love shout out the other day.