Oh my poor, poor neglected little blog.

I blame work. And this week, although relatively light, is probably a good indicator of where things are going for me in the near future, for a good while to come. So, blogging may get lighter. For a long time. Or not. But maybe. We'll see.

Its been going splendidly, though - I'm really pleased with the new company - and thankful that God led me to the right option in the end. Days have been orientation out in Florham Park, NJ, and I've been squeezing in some good runs between the days in class and evenings on the puter. I think I've probably been on AIM more in the past 4 days than all the times before in my life, combined.

I am loving the wireless card in the new laptop, right now I'm sitting on the couch, connected to nothing, internetting away.

No links this Thursday, maybe I'll have them for tomorrow. Haven't had much time for surfing either...

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