The well overdue linktasticity.

Well Spent, business week's personal finance blog. Some good articles.

Next week I hope to see all of El Guapo's gold, kept here in Manhattan.

NYC Photoblog of the week.

Not sure how exactly The Way We See It works, but it sounds like a cool idear. I shot some stuff at PA this week and just submitted my 3 (hopefully) best.

, for all of your noninformaiton.

Spike Jones commercial for the new Adidas smart shoe.

About 10 mins of base jumping footage. A night jump in Manhattan at the end. I want to do this in the worst way. Some of my buddies from Tahoe jumped Mandalay Bay in Vegas a few years back, I wasn't there but the pix were sick.

I usually don't bother posting funny ebay links because the links will become defunct soon after the auction is over. But I'm guessing you can RSS this site (or you should be able to soon, if you can't now), and just check on cool auctions for yourself.

Every Calvin and Hobbes ever, or so it seems.

Forget about the last Star Wars, here's a trailer for a movie that should be half-decent.

Here's your Google goodness of the week. Soon it will rule us all.

The picture above was not one of my submissions. Today was church then ice skating with the kids.

Then back to Jersey with a few of the leaders for tennis and dinner.

Paul got in an accident a few blocks from my place just after dropping me off, so I drove him home and then stopped at Whole Foods to stock up on cheese and blood oranges and protein shakes and avocados and whatnot.

I like the drive along the waterfront. This one's from the boardwalk in Hoboken, but the drive down from Edgewater is what I'm really talking about.

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Dawn said...

A Wallace and Gromit movie?! Yay!!