Pow. Like that. Snuck up on me out of nowhere. Weird timing, too.

Malaise. Like a grey rainy day attitude. Lackadaisical, melancholy, languid. Its been following me since mid-week, and I blame it for my lack of posting. And anything else that dissatisfies you.

Thursday I worked too hard all day at a job that didn't really matter anymore. I trained my replacement last week and spent the end of the week really getting stuff in line for her. She seemed like a nice girl, and its going to be difficult enough for her as it is. She'll likely be on her own within a month anyway. After work, off to Local West with the co-workers to celebrate my departure. Got a surprisingly respectable crowd. Then off for burgers with the APs. Traffic at the Holland Tunnel. Home late. I've got some new writing venues going so that's where I spent the wee hours on Friday morning.

Breakfast at a Cuban joint with Rick and George, which meant way too much discussion of physics and medical practice for that early in the morning. We sent Rick off for Ohio, and in 2 weeks he reports for duty. When I got to the office, it was quiet - the whole company was over in FIT's auditorium for the bi-annual meeting. They got back around lunchtime. Boss was busy with a seminar on another floor, so I was pretty much alone all day to wrap up emails and voicemails and whatnot. Then I left. That felt damn good.

Watched a movie until M called and asked me to watch the little guy while they went for groceries. When they got back, C and I spent the evening peeling and slicing the carrots while we watched Behind Enemy Lines, which has a decent storyline, but is really made fantastic by deft camera work and edgy scene editing. Then back here. More writing elsewhere.

Woke up, bummed around then headed into the city to grab a few things. Saw Sonja on my way back out, talked about her recent navigation, which I am very jealous of. She'll be out a lot more this summer, I hope to do the same. Maybe even do a trip in the fall. Tonight was a leaders appreciation dinner at C&M's for the youth leaders. Incredible food, fitting expectations. Good fellowship, but my torpor followed me still, so I was limited.

I don't know what it is, or why. I think I'm going to need this week off, that's for sure. I never put the list together like I had been planning, but its still in my head - the basics I want to do every day and the bigger goals I want to get knocked over before the week is out. Maybe I'll get them hammered out tomorrow. I think I'll do some drawing. I almost started last night - took some work out and looked at it, but didn't start. A few things I'd like to finish and some new ideas I'd like to start. Maybe I'll even finally get some of it scanned.

Thursday linkery will likely be a Sunday occurrence this week. I should be good from here on out, though - I have a feeling I'll find the time to bang out some posts, listless or no. Snapped a few shots in PA today, so I'll sort thru them, to get things started. Lots of camera ahead. Then live from Canada, the following week. If they have the internet there.

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